Supportive actions

If you are not from a Mediterranean country, but want to support the Let’s Do It Mediterranean (LDIM) project: dive in for some action of your own! Help us to spread the spirit and mission and find more volunteers to clean up the Mediterranean Sea! 

Estonians supporting the Mediterranean cleanup in Split, Croatia in 2014.

Estonians supporting the Mediterranean cleanup in Split, Croatia in 2014.

Checklist for organising a supportive event:

  • Find some friends to share your ideas 
  • Choose an event to organize 
  • Plan and organise a supportive event 
  • Make a photo of yourself, friends at the event showing the slogan “3 continents and 1 sea!” and the “ok” sign of divers. If possible also share other outcomes (articles, videos, etc.) 
  • Post the photo (max 200x200px) on Let’s Do It Mediterranean! Facebook page with your name, the exact location of the event, tag #supportldim and write a short description of what happened.

Check out these activities and ideas to find something for yourself!

  • Seminars and lectures
  • Mediterranean themed movie night
  • Lessons/activities at a local school
  • Diving for trash with the local diving club
  • Fishing for litter
  • Trash tours with tourists (nature tours where tourist pick litter instead of littering)
  • Beach clean-ups
  • Eco-camps on the sea, lake -areas
  • Drawing, art/photo contests about Mediterranean Sea
  • Help to find us some partners and supporters 
  • Become a volunteer for us and help us to achieve the goal of a clean Mediterranean Sea
  • Organise a photo contest (for example: “My Mediterranean Trash-Vacation”)
  • Travel responsibly and clean up the trash you notice
  • Come up with new cool ideas, just make them happen and share them with us!

Write articles to local your green portals, environment news portals, magazines and newspapers and to your local media about the situation in the Mediterranean Sea and the seas in general. Examples of such articles can be found in our News section. Feel free to use all our materials to spread the message!

Keep in mind!

  • Visit the area before to make sure there is trash to clean up  and that the area is safe
  • Think about how you are going to dispose the waste before you collect it and make sure the garbage gets correctly disposed
  • It’s a good idea to check if the local municipality can help you with the disposal of the garbage
  • Organise bags and gloves for volunteers or make sure they know to bring their own
  • It could be a bit messy, so inform the people to dress appropriately for this occasion
  • Make sure there is water and a snacks for the volunteers, also some hygienic objects and first a First Aid Kit
  • Consult us for safety matters (dangerous objects, toxic stoxic substances or materials). Don’t handle toxic waste or hazardous waste on your own. Instead report the local municipality if such waste is found!
  • The volunteers should avoid dangerous zones if they are not prepared for them (steep cliffs, windy coastal areas, etc.)!

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