Take part in the clean-up of the Mediterranean!

Date: 04.05.2015

On the 9th and 10th May 2015, an international clean-up will take place in many Mediterranean countries to collect as much floating, underwater and land garbage as possible. Studies show that contamination of the Mediterranean Sea is very high and the level of plastic waste is beyond critical. 

Faisal Sadegh, the project coordinator of Let’s Do It! Mediterranean emphasises how essential a project like this is for the community. “What we’re doing is starting a clean wave – one which hopefully goes around the Mediterranean and gets stronger because of the different people working together. The action works only when people see that pollution, waste and other harmful environmental effects impact everyone without restriction.”

Albania holds a huge clean-up together with Kosovo on Friday 22nd of May.

Algeria will have a clean-up on the 9th of May,

Bosnia and Herzegovina clean-up is on the 9th of May 

Croatia had a national clean-up just last month and will have a blue clean-up this Saturday in 20 cities.

Cyprus held a great clean-up last weekend, engaging over 9,000 volunteers! 

Egypt will hold 2 beach clean-ups along the coast.

France holding event on 9th of May and big clean-up on 26 and 27th of September.

Greece held a massive environmental awareness action across the whole country. 

Italy is organizing large number of actions on 9th and 10th of May, expecting 10,000 volunteers.

Lebanon will have Operation Big Blue on the 10th of May, a huge action across the entire coast.

Libya has a supportive clean-up in Tripoli.

Malta has 50 clean-up locations across the archipelago.

Spain – workshop on 8th, introducing concept of LDI Spain and supportive action next day aiming at 1,111 volunteers.

Tunisia is organizing supportive event in La Marsa.

Turkey is organizing huge national action, aiming for 81 provinces.

More info about the teams: http://ldim.net/country-teams/


The historic Estonian wooden ship the Hoppet left to a 2 year trip to the Mediterranean and will sail under the flag of Let’s Do It! Mediterranean to promote the action. The Hoppet is  Let’s Do It! Mediterranean ambassador on the Mediterranean Sea. 

More about their trip: http://www.meetingtheodyssey.eu/2015/03/the-hoppet-puts-out-to-sea/

Ilaria Brusadelli, the Hoppet team: “The same sea, the Mediterranean Sea, today is a fortress, a barrier, an obstacle tear human beings apart from. The same sea, the Mediterranean Sea, today is a cemetery for perforce travellers who need to leave, with nothing more than a luggage full of hope and desperation.”

Let´s Do It! Mediterranean is all about hope for a better future.