Mediterranean Cleanup starts!

Date: 25.04.2015

The civic led mass movement Let´s Do It is inviting people to participate in Mediterranean region project, bringing together different organisations and groups from all Mediterranean countries. The aim is to clean up the Mediterranean Sea together with the help of a massive number of volunteers who will clean up the beaches, shallow waters, sea bottom and the surface of the sea all over the Mediterranean.

People from many countries share the understanding that in times of tensions about the future of our region it is very important to do something together. Let´s Do It! Mediterranean campaign is run and organized by volunteers who hope to start a “clean wave” – civic movement that moves from country to country around the sea. Main action this year is concentrated around the 9th of May. The action is unique, because never before had so many people united in Mediterranean countries to clean up the Sea. This year, Let´s Do It Mediterranean aims for a million people! Involving so many people is not just about cleaning up trash but transforming their way of thinking. Let´s Do It Mediterranean isn’t only about physically cleaning the sea. It’s about getting one million people active about the sea.

Greece is organising a country-wide clean up in the framework of Let’s Do It! on the 26th of April, having located more than 600 cleanup points throughout the country. Volunteers are welcome to join in cleaning up the land and water and participate in cultural and athletic events in the frame of Let’s Do It! Greece.

“Our goal is to become a nationwide volunteer festival. At the same time, we aim to implement a very productive campaign through which people re-establish their connection with nature and thus realise the importance of preserving it,” Xaris Vlassopoulos, Creative Department Manager of Let’s Do It! Greece commented.

Xaris Vlassopoulos added: “The Mediterranean sea has been an important aspect of our campaign in Greece since our very first cleanup in 2012, which included underwater and coastal cleanups. We hope and believe that in the coming years the goal of healing and protecting this important ecosystem will be achieved through the combined efforts of all our teams, throughout the entire Mediterranean sea.”

Soraya El Hag from Egypt :”The Let´s Do It Mediterranean international  core group conference was held in May 2014 in Alexandria. That is one reason why Alexandria is one of the main cities where the Let´s Do It Mediterranean takes place.”

Cities from all  81 provinces of Turkey are involved this year. A structure of regional coordinators or more specifically regional team leaders is created. These team leaders are trying to involve all the cities in their respective regions.

Hamed M. Abufares, the regional coordinator of Let’s Do It! Libya is certain that the political turbulence in the country won’t influence people’s openness and willingness to take part in a civil movement. He says that during the current crisis even in war zones like Benghazi people gather to clean-up the damaged areas when there are peaceful periods. This is a part of their daily lives and they know that nobody else will clean it up. Thus Hamed argues that security on the clean up day won’t be a obstacle for the Libyan citizens – they live daily in the midst of crisis. 

On the 9th of May there will be the biggest ever organised clean-up in Malta´s history. In Malta there are helping also divers who will clean up the beaches, shallow waters and sea bottom.

You can find more information about the teams and actions of the Let´s Do It! Mediterranean here:

The Let´s Do It! Mediterranean action is in partnership with the Union for the Mediterranean.

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