Cadaqués – the first municipality in the Mediterranean with a Deposit System for packaging waste!

Date: 30.05.2013

 Between 15 April and 30 June, the Catalan town will hold a Deposit and Return System (DRS) pilot project for beverage containers.
 Cans and plastic bottles of less than three litres of soda, water, juice and beer will have a five-cent deposit which will be refunded when the package is returned at any of the 10 partner establishments.
 The pilot project opens a way to prevent the elimination in landfill, incineration or littering of 5.5 million beverage containers, out of the 9 million which are consumed every day in Catalonia.

The packaging return system is very simple. When you buy a drink in a plastic bottle less than 3 liters and/or a can of water, juice, soda and/or beer you leave a deposit of five cents, when the empty container is returned to any of the ten partner establishments the consumer recovers the amount. This gesture is what we did years ago when there was a tradition to return the glass bottles to the store. During the pilot of Cadaqués, the DRS will coexist with the yellow container, where the packaging other than these beverage containers will have to be deposited.

The pilot test will show the actual operation of a DRS and will confirm the efficiency of a system that is already implemented in 40 countries and regions worldwide and reaches recycling levels of up to 98.5%.

Hopefully Spain will join Let’s Do It Mediterranean actions as well! Let’s Do It Spain

For more information about the packaging disposal system:

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