17 countries joined to clean the Mediterranean

Date: 14.05.2015

In striking contrast with ongoing Mediterranean humanitarian crisis and growing military tensions in the region the civic movement Let´s Do It Mediterranean decided to unite volunteers around the Mediterranean.  On the 9th and 10th of May volunteers from communities all around the Mediterranean Sea and from three continents gathered to participate in simultaneous clean-up events that took place in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. At least 80 000 volunteers have participated already this year but Let´s Do It Mediterranean aims for a million people to clean up the Mediterranean Sea. Involving so many people is not just about cleaning up trash but transforming their way of thinking. The de-pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, including coastal and protected marine areas is crucial as contamination of the Mediterranean Sea is very high and the level of plastic waste in the sea is beyond critical. In certain places the volume of micro plastic in the water exceeds that of plankton.

Faisal Sadegh, the project coordinator of Let’s Do It! Mediterranean emphasises that those simultanious cleanups is actually starting a clean wave – one which hopefully goes around the Mediterranean and gets stronger because of the different people working together. The action works only when people see that pollution, waste and other harmful environmental effects impact everyone without restriction.

ALBANIA holds a huge clean-up together with Kosovo on Friday 22nd of May. In Albania started Green Tour (photo gallery): link


ALGERIA  – great attention from media and 10 cities were involved. Let’s Do It! Algeria (LDIA) launched also broad campaign of cleaning and awareness on environmental issues and more than 1000 volunteers were involved in the “Volunteer Day” that has allowed the collection of 70 tons of waste.


Photo gallery: link


BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA clean-up was on the 9th of May. Great volunteer action “Let’s Do It – clean earth for one day.”  was attended by about 25,000 volunteers in more than 100 municipalities across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Volunteers cleaned the streets, parks, mountains, the rivers and lakes and bosnians can proudly say that their homeland is today more beautiful place to live for its citizens.


CROATIA had a national clean-up just last month It went good, even the weather was really bad. Some municipalities participated, some not and Croatia had also a blue clean-up (Mediterranean coast) this Saturday in 20 cities.


Mali Lošinj, Croatia (photo gallery) : link

CYPRUS held a great clean-up two weeks ago engaging almost 10 000 volunteers.  In addition Lets do it Cyprus organized with freedivers and scuba divers a depth cleaning event on the 9th of May. 


EGYPT held 2 beach clean-ups along the coast (220-240 people participated). After the cleanup there was workshop with children. The Alexandria governer and the ambassador of Latvia in Egypt participated in a beach cleanup in Alexandria with more than 400 volunteers in Alexandria city, Egypt.


FRANCE had supportive event on 9th of May and big clean-up on 26 and 27th of September.

GREECE held a massive environmental awareness action across the whole country two weeks before. Trash is not yet counted, but there was lots of plastic and divers brought out from the sea lot of car tires.

9 May volunteers gathered in Posidonio, Samos island. The bay was divided into specific quadrants where the three diving teams with their surface support would operate. 14 scuba divers, 2 free divers, 6 boats with 12 on them, 10 volunteers on the beach. Photo gallery: link




ITALY had large number of actions on 9th and 10th of May (365 all together). Estimated number of volunteers is about 15 000.


Let´s Do It Italy (photo gallery 1): link

KOSOVO had a big cleaning action in Pristina. Pristina is the capital and largest city of Kosovo. Kosovo holds a huge clean-up together with Albania on Friday 22nd of May. After finishing the cleaning, a long road now is turning into green park.


Photo gallery: link 

LEBANON had Operation Big Blue on the 10th of May, a huge action across the entire coast with about 3000 volunteers.


Let´s Do It Lebanon (photo gallery): link

Operation Big Blue (photo gallery): link


LIBYA has done it despite the ongoing conflicts in their country, they came out and gave their love and energy to the Mediterranean Sea!  It was beautiful sunshine day in Tripoli, the supervisory committee, heads of the groups and volunteers start gathering around 09:00 o’clock at site, in brief speech the campaign supervisor welcomed everyone and reminded them with the objectives of the campaign and thanked them for their distinguished attendance, which reflects the national feeling toward the event. The supervisors committee was surprised by a group of people storming the place without registering their names & receiving the “volunteer card” and began cleaning up without even knowing what was really going on. When the people were asked “Why they are here? what they are doing ?” They said they saw people gathered and cleaning and we are only passing by. So they decided to participate in charitable work without knowing that this is an international event that concerns our beloved country Libya & the rest of Mediterranean Sea countries.


MALTA had 50 clean-up locations across the archipelago. In Malta over 50 sites on land and sea were scoured and cleaned by more than thousand of volunteers. The environmental movement, “Let’s Do It! Malta” (LDI Malta) coordinated the massive effort. Everything from picnic litter to illegally dumped waste to abandoned cars was collected and properly disposed. European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella  also participated in his home village in Malta: “I am honoured to join the other volunteers for this clean-up operation. Rolling up our sleeves and cleaning up our neighbourhood is not just an environmental gesture. It also makes economic sense because the cost of environmental pollution is so high. What we do on land ends up in the sea – be it plastics, micro-plastics or other litter. The trick is to remember this is our daily lives, so we reduce amounts at the source of the problem and not just at the end point”. 


Let´s Do It Malta (photo gallery 1): link

Let´s Do It Malta (photo gallery 2 with Karmenu Vella ): link

Let´s Do It Malta (photo gallery 3): link

SLOVENIA had small supportive cleanup in Mediterranean coast.

SPAIN – In SpainFrance and Italy clean up was in close cooperation with Let’s Clean Up Europe!” workshop on 8th, introducing concept of LDI Spain and supportive action next day aiming at 1,111 volunteers.


TUNISIA Cleanup was held at two places, La Marsa beach and Djerba island.


TURKEY organized huge national action, aiming for 81 provinces. Let’s Do It! is represented in Turkey with double the power because there are two motivated Let’s Do It! teams that have the mission to make Turkey litter free. One team promotes the cleanliness of the Mediterranean Sea and organises sea and coastal cleanups under the campaign “Let’s Do It! Mediterranean”, and the other focuses on the whole of Turkey, covering the mainland. Both teams work together in a friendly way. 


People from many countries share the understanding that in times of tensions about the future of our region it is very important to do something together. The goal of Let´s Do It! Mediterranean campaign is that in five years’ time the Mediterranean Sea would be a clean and biologically diverse environment where every citizen takes full responsibility for the environmental state of the area. By annual clean-up campaigns it is planned to collect all possible floating and sunken garbage from coastal areas and trash from the remote beaches in all Mediterranean countries at the same time.

In addition to the direct environmental benefits from the cleanup itself, LDIM aims to raise awareness and demonstrate that problems of such magnitude can only be solved if we all work together.

LDIM is declared to be an official partner for Union for the Mediterranean together with MedPan and Horizon2020.

The Let’s Do It! Mediterranean campaign is run and organised by volunteers. The “Let’s Do It!” movement started in Estonia in 2008, when a country with a population slightly over 1 million brought together 50,000 people to clean up the entire country in just five hours. By today, more then 12 million people and 112 countries have joined the Let’s Do It! network.

More information about Let’s Do It! Mediterranean action:

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