A dream for one million peole: Let’s Do it Mediterranean!

Dear all,

It has been a while since I wrote here. What a busy year we have had. As you know, World Cleanup 2012 is in full swing. 94 country teams have formed, many cleanups have been already done. Congratulations! I’m also happy about all the cleanups happening in September and further on. Gooood luck to you, dear people!
However, when we do clean up all the countries on this planet, there’s something which remains: bodies of water. These are no-man’s land, with trash accumulating there at ever greater speeds. As plastic circles the seas and breaks down to ever smaller pieces, toxins get attached to it. Fish eat these tiny pieces, mistaking it for food. Toxins from plastic deposit in the fat of the fish. We eat fish and get the toxins. Not very smart.
Plus, it is plain ugly to waste our seas and oceans. What to do?
I’m happy to announce an upcoming event, still in a dream stage, for the next year: Let’s Do it, Mediterranean!
The plan is to engage one million people around this great sea to come together and swipe the sea, on September 13-14, 2013. To engage boaters and navies, swimmers and divers, to jointly clean all the shallow water areas of Mediterranean Sea. Together. During the campaign, we plan to push municipalities to stop waste discharge into sea and relocate coastal landfills, among other activities.
In the true spirit of Let’s Do It, we will make this a fun event. A cleaning party!
The best part is, you can help. The organizing team is forming right now. There are many vacancies in many of the teams. From spreading out the word to getting involved in any of the teams – there’s plenty of opportunities to join. The more of us, the easier it will be.
Picture this: if we ever get an event of this magnitude organised, what an inspiration it will be for others! You might not live around Mediterranean but you can still be part of the team. Or you might know someone, who can help.
Yes, it’s just one small sea. Yes, it will be hard work. But it’s a start.
Join us, you’ll be proud you did.
Let’s do it, dear people.
Good luck to all of you!
Rainer Nõlvak
Chief motivator
Let’s Do it! 
World Cleanup 2012
Let’s Do It Mediterranean!
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Web: www.letsdoitmediterranean.org
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