Anna Lindh Foundation co-funds Let’s Do It Mediterranean!

Let’s Do It Mediterranean! project got co-funding from Anna Lindh Foundation. This gives the teams listed below an opportunity to meet in real life and plan actions on a new level. Congratulations to all partners in this project! For more information about Anna Lindh Foundation and the project contact Robert Hall who is the project manager (lystopad19 (at) Of course if you were not part of the project that does not mean that you couldn’t have a cleanup in 10. May 2014! If you belong to your local Let’s Do It! movement or to some other (environmental) organisation and you would like to participate in the cleanup actions of the Mediterranean sea to be one of the thousands, if not 1 000 000 people who will do it than contact us for more information (helene.urva (at) If you do not belong to any organisations but would like to participate you can still send us a letter, maybe we’ll figure out a way how you can be involved! logo_v10(1)annalindh

Partners in the ALf project are:

  1. RELEARN Suderbyn (Sweden)
  2. Udruga Žmergo (Croatia)
  3. Kodanikualgatus Teeme Ära Minu Eesti (Estonia)
  4. GEN Egypt (Egypt)
  5. Društvo Ekologi brez meja (Slovenia)
  6. LDI France (France)
  7. Centre de developpement de la societé civile – Les Aventuriers (Tunisia)
  8. Save Youth Future Society (Palestine)
  9. Association for Environmental Justice in Israel (Israel)
  10. Assoc for Democratic Prosperity – Zid (Montenegro)
  11. Almargem (Portugal)
  12. Swedish Mekteb (Sweden, cleaning up in Bosnia)