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Beach cleanups are fun!There are many ways you can be the hero! Choose one or more of these six possibilities listed below and join us!

Join the existing team!

Start a beach & sea cleanup!

Map the illegal waste!

Participate on the cleanup day!

Spread the word!

Become a volunteer for Let’s Do It Mediterranean!



Join the existing team in your country!

Before you start re-inventing the wheel, take a look if your country already has a Let’s Do It Mediterranean team. If so, join them and help them grow! In case it looks like the country is listed but everything is slow, it might be that the team is still developing and growing. Nevertheless, your help is welcome! Check out the contacts of the Let’s Do It! Mediterranean teams in different countries.

Start a beach & sea cleanup in your country!

What if you could create a difference and start a massive and positive civic action? Would you enjoy more hanging out on the beach with your family and friends if it was healthy, clean and pristine again? Would you be more proud of your country, your home town or a village if you could all pull something like this together? Then let’s do it! Our goal is to reach one million people to clean up the beaches and the sea on the 9th of May and you can help to make it happen.

We are there for you to share our knowledge how to involve different type of experts who will help you, how to build a campaign, organise logistics, etc. The most important thing is to think big and be ready to commit to a very big and fun cooperation project. We know it can be done! Check Let’s Do It! World movement’s advice on how to start a cleanup action and start planning. You can always contact us to help you with more specific questions.

Map the illegal waste!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.47.01There are several waste mapping applications available for iPhone or Android phones that help you to start your campaign. Start mapping right away! Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join for a garbage hunting contest.

This can be a good team work practice taking your network to the beach and islands and work as a team. Bonus is, you’re doing something useful! It could be a contest to see who can find more garbage or an exploration for new areas.

Being a pioneer discovering trash sites can be fun – and it’s definitely an eye-opening experience. The fun factor makes it easier for volunteers to find the spots to clean up and it’s also a great way to get a better idea how much trash there is. You need to know that in order to bring the awareness. People are used to ignoring littering and trash. You can visualise the problem and realise the amount of it by mapping. It’s all about evidence based action and communication.

Read more about how to map waste by clicking this link. 

Let’s Do It! World app is available for you for free but we also recommend to check out TrashOut – you might find it more suitable.

Participate on the cleanup day!

Maybe you’re not the type to “run the whole show” but you matter more than anything! We can get the Mediterranean Sea clean and healthy again only when people dedicate one day to make their own home better. Take some hours to make a big difference! It’s simple and it’s fun, as every cleanup ends with social events – no matter which part of the world it takes place. The job well done is a great reward, but doing something that matters with friend and stranger mixed, coming together as a community – that’s special! Events section will keep you posted about the upcoming actions. Going to a cleanup action, take your friends, colleagues and family along – the more, the merrier!

Spread the word!

Spread the word about Let’s Do It Mediterranean among people who are capable and awesome! Tell your friends who have the enthusiasm; share this idea among your colleagues. You might be the link to make it really visible and to help bring together one million people for Mediterranean cleanup action.

It doesn’t matter if you share our videos, flyers, news, banners and other materials on Facebook or among cool NGOs – everyone has a role and responsibility in keeping the amazing Mediterranean Sea and ourselves healthy. In most successful countries, where massive cleanups have taken place, the action has also been the biggest cooperation project among NGOs, businesses, volunteers, municipalities, media channels, etc. You, being our ambassador, can start a positive butterfly effect – give it a try! If none of these works for you, but you are still determined to save the world from being wasted, write us at

Become a volunteer for Let’s Do It Mediterranean

We’re looking for translators, scientists, copywriters, designers, PR talents, writers, artists, analysts, logistics experts – you name it! We have challenges that can take few hours of your time in a month or bigger tasks where you can really test your limits. Becoming a volunteer for Let’s Do It Mediterranean is a possibility to work for an ambitious and good cause, being part of a enthusiastic international network. You’re welcome to be part of that and we’d be happy to have your talent among kind and fun personalities that already work with us.