Clean World Conference in Bursa, January 2016

LDI Bursa attendants

The Clean World Conference 2016, headlined „2018“, was held from 28th to 31th of January in Bursa, Turkey. Approximately 100 people from 33 countries participated, sharing thoughts and ideas in various workshops interspersed with speeches from Turkish hosts and LDI leaders.

LDI Bursa attendants

11 countries were present from the Mediterranean region. A small meeting was held during the conference with most Mediterranean countries present (Italy, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt) Turkey, Algeria and France were also present in the conference, but not the teams that are working on the Mediterranean. In countries that took part of the Mediterranean meeting, there was a strong will to have a cleanup day in May this year as well and all of these countries had organised coastline cleanups in 2015 with approximately 150 000 participants all together.

Busy Bursa conferencing

The international network of Let’s Do It! activists decided that instead of running and coordinating a series of big country­wide cleanup actions on separate dates, a new approach is needed. The participants agreed that it is essential to cooperate even tighter to raise awareness of the massive international waste problem. A date for World Cleanup 2018 was launched – the world will be cleaned by everyone once and for all on the 8th of September 2018. To support this action, an international crowdfunding campaign was launched immediately after the conference. Go check it out! With this campaign, a first real step is taken to make the big plan a reality. Even though the movement has grown from one action in the small country of Estonia into a massive world­wide civic movement in just few years, more has to be done and done differently. Let’s Do It Mediterranean remains an integral part of this wider movement.

From now on, you can also support our campaign by by donating through this website.

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