Let’s Do It Mediterranean!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.36.03Let’s Do It Mediterranean (LDIM) is a civic led campaign that brings together different organisations and groups from all Mediterranean countries with the aim of cleaning up the Mediterranean Sea together with the help of a massive number of volunteers. 

We invite you to join and take action together with us! Let’s get together and clean up the beaches, shallow waters, sea bottom and the surface of the sea!  There are over 20 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea – together we can do it!

Our vision is that by 2018, the Mediterranean Sea will be a clean and biologically diverse environment for which every citizen takes full responsibility.

We welcome organizations and groups to join us (not only the environmental organizations, but also schools, universities, municipalities, governments, international organizations, communities, ship companies, divers, corporations, various NGOs, etc)!

Why we need to take action now?

Studies show that the contamination of the Mediterranean Sea is very high and the level of plastic waste is beyond critical. In certain places the volume of micro plastic in the water exceeds that of plankton.

Notably the greatest sources of all marine litter are dumpsites near rivers and beaches, tourism, fishing industry activities – the same applies to the Mediterranean Sea which is surrounded by dense human population and accounts for about 30% of all the world’s tourists.

Around 80% of all marine litter is plastic which is known to exude many dangerous toxins and degrade extremely slowly. Usage of plastic is said to be rising at about 5% per year. See more facts and figures about the Mediterranean Sea pollution here.

What’s next?

The first pilot cleanup action of the Mediterranean Sea took place on the 10th and 11th of May 2014 bringing 77,000 people together for a unique Mediterranean cleanup action. The action is unique, because never before had so many different civic activists united in Mediterranean countries to clean up the Sea. This year, we aim for a million people!

We keep on going and strengthening the network, offering know-how and communication support till 2018. With your help, by this time, citizens and organizations will have taken full responsibility for keeping the Mediterranean Sea healthy for all of us.

Part of an international network

10308129_239053336303419_7921664634538410048_nLet’s Do It Mediterranean is a part of worldwide movement Let’s Do It! World, a civic led mass movement uniting 112 countries, engaging over 11 million participants.

The aim of Let’s Do It! World is to clean up the whole World from illegally dumped solid waste and then to keep our planet clean. To reach the essential transformation in our global society, Let’s Do It! World has set the ambitious goal to involve 350 million people by 2018. This is around 5% of the World’s population and is the estimated number needed to create a lasting change.

Let’s Do It Mediterranean is also an official member of the Union for the Mediterranean.

Get in touch with us now!
• E-mail: infoldim@letsdoitworld.org
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LetsDoItMediterranean
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